LEVITRA 20mg or Verdenafil is a PDE type-5 inhibitor that exhibits the potency to dilate the constricted blood vessels.

A huge population of man suffers from ED prefers Levitra 20mg because this medication is very easy to take and provides a quick and positive results. Levitra 20mg or Verdenafil belongs to a class of a medicine known as Phosphodiesterase type-5 (PDE type-5) enzyme. PDE type-5 is a very important key ingredient required for the management of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. The most important factor about Levitra 20mg is that it does not produce any serious adverse effect compared to other ED medications. So you can buy Levitra 20mg online without any hesitation from our reputed online medical shop

This medication shows the equal potency like the branded ED product known as Viagra. This is a FDA approved medication and very popular because of its safety and efficacy. Levitra 20mg increases the blood circulation to the penis by relaxing the blood vessels of that particular area. The increased blood circulation in turn causes erection of the penis. This medication should be taken in a planned intercourse, just 30 minutes prior to the involvement of physical intimacy because it works under the influence of sexual stimulation. This medication can be taken in empty stomach or with food. The route of administration of this medication is oral intake, can be taken with a full glass of water to get the best result.

Levitra 20mg will not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases or HIV. So using a protective measure is mandatory during sexual intercourse like condom.

Function of Levitra 20mg:

Levitra or verdenafil is a PDE type -5 inhibitors and its first step of action starts with the inhibition of PDE type-5 enzyme synthesis which further increases the amount of cyclic GMP. The increased concentration of cGMP is influenced by the nitric oxide that is produced by sexual stimulation of the man during physical intimacy. Thus, cGMP increases the blood circulation of the penile area by relaxing the blood vessels and makes the erection harder for a long time required for a pleasurable intercourse.

Indication of Levitra 20mg:

Levitra 20mg is prescribed for the management of erectile dysfunction in men.

Side effects:

Like other ED medication, Levitra 20mg possess very few side effects which are rare and seen noticed only in 1-2% of the population who consumed this medicine. The following list is not the complete one, so contact your doctor if notice any other adverse reaction during the use of Levitra. However the possible side effects are:

1. Headache
2. Nausea and vomiting
3. Stomach upset
4. Drowsiness and dizziness
5. Acidity or heart burn

Some possible serious effects are:

1. Allergic reaction like swelling or oedema of the face, nose, lips or throat.
2. Skin rash
3. Blurred vision
4. Ear problem
5. Chest pain
6. Prolonged and painful erection

Drug interactions:

You should not use Levitra 20mg if you are under certain medications because they can interact with Levitra and causes serious complications. So to avoid these complications you must inform your health care provider about the medicines you are taking already. Some of the drugs that can cause interaction with Verdenafil are:

1. Any drug contains nitrite or nitrate.
2. Other PDE type-5 inhibitors.
3. Drugs used to treat high blood pressure.
4. Drugs used to treat fungal infections like Itraconazole, Ketoconazole etc.
5. Medications prescribed for other cardiac diseases like heart failure, tachycardia, stroke etc.
6. Medications of HIV or AIDS.
7. Anti-tuberculosis drugs like Rifampin, Thiocetazone etc.
8. Anti-coagulants.

Note: This list is not complete. Always consult with your doctor before taking this medication.


This medication should be taken only once in 24 hours. Levitra or Verdenafil is supplied at the strength of 5mg, 10mg and 20mg. The recommended starting dose is 10mg which can be increased or decreased to 5mg or up to 20mg depending on the requirement and tolerability.


This medication should be stored at room temperature, below 30 degree C, away from heat and light. You can refrigerate the medication but do not freeze it. It should be kept out of the reach from domestic pets and children.

Missed dose:

Levitra or Verdenafil should be taken as per the requirement. So there is no missed dose concerned.

Precautions and contraindication:

To be in a safer side, you should always keep some precautionary steps before using this medication:

1. You should avoid Levitra if you are allergic to any ingredient of the preparation.
2. Do not use this medicine if you are a cardiac patient.
3. Patient experiencing renal and hepatic diseases must consult with the health care provider prior to use this medication.
4. Avoid this medication completely if you are taking any nitrite containing medication.
5. Inform your doctor if you are under other drugs to avoid the complications.
6. Levitra 20mg should not be used by the men under 18 years.
7. Women should not take this drug